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Blank Stencil Cap™ - Single

Blank Stencil Cap™ - Single

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Blank Stencil Caps™ in a pack of 5 caps. 

RAW Stencil Caps™ without a hole. Use blank stencil caps for splatter effects. Create your own custom Stencil Caps™ if you need a wider width hole than what is available.

Best used paired with a low-pressure thin cap. ie. Gold Dot Skinny, Grey Dot, MTN Pro Thin, Montana Level 1

Works with all German Montana Cans, MTN94, Alien, Belton Molowtow, Flame, Sugar, Ironlak, Kobra, Dope, Klash, Σ80.

Works only with female valve cans. Does not work with male valve cans.

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